Werrington Hillclimb 2023

Werrington Hillclimb 2023

A Big Thank you to everyone who attended and helped out at Werrington Hillclimb this year. 
All seemed to go will with many happy people enjoying the dry weather at this wonderful venue. 
Hopefully we will be back doing it all again same time next year. 
The competitor times can be found by click on the links on this page. 

Werrington Entries 2022.

Werrington Entries 2022.

This Year Entry’s for Werrington Hillclimb will be Handled in a Different way.

First the Regulations will be Published on the 18th or 19th March. 
They will available on this website and they will be emailed out to those we have email addresses for from previous years / have requested through the website / are in one of the invited championships;

Then a couple of Days later Entries will open via a link to a Google Form as detailed in the Regulations. 

This is so that you can download the Regulations  and read them at your  Leisure and decide what class you are entering ready for when Entries open. 
By using Google to Handle the Entries we hope to prevent the IT issues of the past two years caused by a large number of people entering at the same time. 

ASWMC Scrutineering.

ASWMC Sprint and Hill Climb Scrutineering.

A Message from Roy Sims ASWMC Sprint and Hill Climb Coordinator:

As some will know at the latter end of the 2021 there were a few issues with scrutineering. Some of these issues were possibly caused by 2 seasons of self certification scrutineering, it certainly didn’t help. Just to help make sure that you read the correct part of Section S of the 2022 Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book) I have detailed the section to read for each category and the classes in that category. Please prepare your car to the correct regulations.

Technical Regulations Read this first, section 10 page 355 (Blue Book). Then read the section below that applies to your category/class.

Standard Cars Are exactly that, they are standard cars with very little freedom for modification. Read section 11 on page 356 (Blue Book). The ASWMC only run this class for Junior competitors.

Road Cars Series Production and Road Cars Specialist Production ASWMC Classes A1 to A4 and B1 to B3. Read section 12 on page 357(Blue Book). Please remember that if it doesn’t say you can do it, you can’t.

Modified Cars Series Production and Modified Cars Specialist Production ASWMC classes C1 to C4. Please read section 13 on page357 (Blue Book). Please remember that if it doesn’t say you can do it, you can’t.

Sports Libre Cars. Classes D1, D2 and D3. Read section 14 page 358 (Blue Book). These are mainly about safety compliance. D3 Rally Cars to comply with Rally regulations.

Single Seater Racing Cars. Classes E1 to E4. Read section 15 page 358 (Blue Book). There are a few dimensions that need to be complied with, other wise it is safety compliance.

You can read the Motorsport UK Yearbook 2022 (Blue Book) online at www.motorsportuk.org or you can order a hard copy from Motorsport UK quoting your licence number.

Werrington Entries Now Full!

Entries are now closed for Werrington Park Hillclimb.
We were astonished at the amount of interest shown in our event when entries opened last night and would like to apologise to those of you who tried to enter and couldn’t because the entries website was unable to handle the volume of people trying to access it.
Over the next few days we will be processing all entries received – please bear with us whilst we do this – and if you haven’t heard anything by Wednesday 24th please contact us via the event email werrington@plymouthmotorclub.co.uk so that we can handle your enquiry in the most efficient manner.

Thank you for your interest in our event.

The organising team

Werrington Hillclimb 2021

Preparation is starting to go ahead for this Years Werrington Hillclimb which takes place on 1st and 2nd of May 2021

We expecting the Event to run on a Competitor only basis with no Spectators allowed due to Covid 19 Restrictions.
This also means that all paperwork and signing on will be via electronic means before hand.

If you are interested in Entering or Marshalling then please email the Werrington Coordinator: werrington@plymouthmotorclub.co.uk

Werrington Hillclimb 29/30th April Spectator Tickets.