Scatter Rallies

Scatter Rallies are run 5 times a year starting in February, March, June, October and November.

They are usually held on the Second Friday of a month, these events formulate a Club series.

Scatter Rally’s are a stepping stone between Treasure hunts and 12 Car rallies. They are much more focused on the navigator, having to plot between 20 and 30 grid references on a map and then choose their own route, getting to as many as possible and to the finish location within the 2 hour time limit.

Each point will either be on a junction or at an easily recognisable location, i.e. bridges, cattle grids, car parks or lay-bys etc. The events generally start at around 20:00. Each event typically covers between 25 and 50 miles, dependant upon how many and which points are visited.

The aim is to visit ¾ of locations listed and collect the code (and often the colour) of the part or full number plate that can be found attached to a piece of wood, commonly a post, gate or tree. Sometimes there is a question or a clue or something attached to the number plate that you can answer or use to collect extra points. For example, you may have playing cards attached to the number plate, you may only have to record what the playing card is and note the code on the number plate, or you may have to collect both bits of information.

No car setup is required for these events, a standard road car is more than good enough. All vehicles taking part must be fully road legal.

Scatter Rally Usually Start at 7:30pm.

Details of Start Venues are published on the Club Facebook page nearer the time.


Dates for 2021:

Scatter Rally Series Dates

13th March. Cancelled Due to Coronavirus.
12th June, Cancelled Due to Coronavirus.
9th October. 
13th November.

Scatter Rally Results 2019.