12 Car Navigational Rallies.

12 Car Rallies.

12 Car Rallies are Events run on the Public Highway. They consist of crews of two, a Driver and a Navigator, The Navigator has to plot a route on a Map and instruct the Driver where to go. The  Driver has to drive steadily and follow the Navigators Instructions. 

The aim is to follow the route at an average speed of 30 mile per hour. Along the route are Controls that the Crews have to visit. 
Basically there are two Types of Control – A Time Control and a Passage Control. 
At a Time Control the aim is to book in on time, if you are late you have 1  point per minute added to your score, If you book in early then you are penalised by 2 Points per minute that you are early.
A Passage Control can be either a Board or a Manned Control where you get a signature to prove that you have Driven the correct Route.

The Hardest part of a 12 Car is the Navigation which is handed out to the Crews on the Start line. 
The Navigation can consist of anything found on an Ordnance Survey Landranger (1:50000) Map. 
This can be Grid References, Map legends or Basic Instructions, eg. Turn Left, Turn Right or Straight on. 
The secret to doing well in 12 Cars is to find a Good Navigator, and the Secret to being a good Navigator is to Practice.


Plymouth 12 Car Rallies

Plymouth Motor Club Rally’s usually take place on the last Friday of the month and form a  Championship Series of 8 Events.
The First Event is at the End of March and the Last Event at the End of November with a Break in August. 

They usually Start from Pub and Finish at a Food establishment. 
The First Car leaves at 22:01 hours and the Route is between 40 and 70 miles in length with the aim of the Event finishing by 1 am.  

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12 Car Results

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2019 12 Car Dates:

  • Austin Cup        29th March
  • Barton Cup       26th April
  • Ford Cup           31st May
  • Hillman Cup     28th June
  • Vauxhall Cup   26th July
  • Renault Cup    27th September
  • Riley Cup          25th October
  • Rover Cup        29th November

Next Event :

The Next 12 Car Event is:
The Ford Cup Rally on May 31st . 
Entries are Open.
Start Venue The Sportsman Inn, Ivybridge, from 7:30pm. 
See the Club Facebook page for more Details or email the 12 Car Coordinator.  

Recent News:

12 Car Results

The Championship and Results Tables from this years 12 Car Series have been added to the 12 Car Page.

Barton Cup 12 Car

Signing on for the Barton Cup 12 Car on April 26th is at the Kings Arms Pub, Tamerton, Plymouth.  7:30pm for a 10 pm start.
Map 201 required.

12 Car Regulations.

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12 Car Results 2019

Championship Tables.

Drivers Championship

Navigators Championship

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