Comus Cup Treasure Hunts.

PMC run a Club Series of Treasure Hunts called the Comus Cup .
These run 5 times a year starting on the Second Friday in April. And then on the Second Friday of the Month, (except June) Finishing with the September Event.

Treasure Hunts are the most basic of a navigational type event and lead on to Scatter and 12 Car  rallies. The navigation on these events is basic and is easy enough for anyone to follow. Whilst being competitive, Treasure hunts are essentially a social event.

You are generally given a set of points to visit and have to answer questions at each location. The event format can vary; it is up to the organiser to decide how they want to run their event. Some may choose to give you a photocopy of a map with some points written on; others may choose to give you a list of directions to take with questions both at each location and in between. Some organisers give you questions to answer about each location, where as others will give your general knowledge a test.

No car set up is required for these events, a standard road car is more than enough. All vehicles participating must be fully road legal. You do not have to participate in the championship to compete in an event.

However to complete in any Motorsport Event sanctioned under Motorsport UK authority you will need to have a Club Membership and at least an Motorsport UK RS Clubmans License which is available free here:

Werrington Hillclimb 29/30th April Spectator Tickets.