Werrington Hillclimb

Werrington Hillclimb.

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Werrington Spectator Tickets.

Spectator Tickets are now on sale priced at £8.00 for anyone over 14 years and free for under 14 years old.

Advanced Ticket Sales Closed Wednesday 1st May. But Tickets are available on the Gate on both days.

Werrington Entry Details.

Due to the overwhelming response, the Werrington Park Hillclimb entry form has been closed. Any entry queries should now be directed to werrington@plymouthmotorclub.co.uk. If you have submitted an entry request, please allow us 4 to 5 days to process it. We will be in contact as soon as we can.
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Werrington Marshall Registration.

If you would like to Marshall at Werrington Hillclimb over the weekend of May 4/5th, please use the button below.

Werrington 2024 Results.

The Times for for Saturday and Sunday can be found by clinking on the Relevant Button Below.


Werrington Entry’s 2024

Werrington Hillclimb 4/5th May 2024 Regulations.

The moment a lot of you have been asking about has finally arrived, the regulations for this years Werrington Hillclimb have now been published. 
You will have to wait a bit longer to enter as Entries open at 19:30 hrs on the 7th March. 
The event Regulations are available to download below using the button below:

Werrington Park, near Launceston is Plymouth Motor Clubs biggest event of the season. Traditionally held on the Saturday and Sunday of the May Day Bank Holiday weekend, the event will usually see a 100 competitors on each day driving up the 1250 yard hill as fast as they can.

To give an idea of just how fast, the hill record (set in 2021 by Phil Montgomery-Smith) is 32.59 seconds, which is an average speed of over 77 mph. This is from a standing start with a ninety degree, 10 mph bend in the middle!

Practice starts around 9:00 am and usually finishes between 16:30 and 17:00 with an awards presentation shortly afterwards, at which all are welcome.
With spectator viewing available at all of the best vantage points put this event in your diary as something not to be missed! If looking at the cars at close quarters is your thing then the Werrington paddock at the bottom of the hill is the place to go. You will find a wide range of machinery, from a standard road-going BMW’s to purpose designed and built single seater racing cars to fire your imagination. We have full catering facilities on site from our usual high-class catering team so you will not go hungry either!

Spectator Entry Fee is £8.00 for Adults and Free for Children under 14 Years.

Set the Post Code PL15 8TP in your Sat Nav or follow the Arrows from the A30 or the Centre of Launceston, or off the A388 north of Homeleigh Garden Centre.

Werrington Hillclimb Course.

The Course starts at the bottom of the hill and rises to the 1st bend which is a deceptive right hander.
It is easy to arrive here carrying too much speed and clipping the bank on the outside.

From there it is a steady but undulating climb that is basically straight but with some blind crests over small deviations.


The track then levels off for the Spectator Crossing and the infamous Cattle Grid.

Cattle Grid

The Brave take this flat out without lifting off the Throttle, the not so brave lift off the throttle or brake as they align their car up for it. The top single seaters will be doing over 100 mph at this point.

After the Cattle Grid the track levels off in front of the house before dropping into the 90 Left.

90 Left.

The Track starts to descend just at the braking point which makes judging the braking point difficult and there are often excursions in to the protective Tyre wall where Drivers have got it wrong.

Exiting the 90 Left on the Way to the Courtyard.

From the 90 left we have a short straight in to the Courtyard, the entrance to which is flanked by two brick wall. The course then does a right followed by a left up past the Bunker.

Court Yard Exit Passing The Bunker (Out of Sight to the Left).

The Single Seaters usually coast though this bit, but the Rally Cars will drive it under power.

The track then opens out along past the steps to the Kink. This part of the Track is sheltered by overhanging Trees and as a result is always the last part of the course to dry out and has caught out many drivers over the years.

The Kink is another point of course that can catch competitors out as it is all too easy to clip the corners and pick up mud on the tyres which then makes it difficult to align the car and get the power down on the final straight to the Finish line.

Having crossed the Finish line the Competitors slow down before entering the Top Paddock by Werrington Church and wait for the end of the batch before returning to the Bottom Paddock in Convoy.

(Pictures Courtesy of  569 Motorsports Media: https://www.569media.net/)


Spectators are welcome at the venue but please bear in mind that it is a working country estate so please dress appropriately for the weather and ground conditions, which is mainly Grass of differing lengths, as the fixed infrastructure is minimal.

Unfortunately due the Nature of the Event Dogs are not allowed on the site.

The Entry fee is £8 for Adults, Under 14’s, and Parking are Free.

The Venue is signed from the A30 at Launceston, and off the A388 Just North of Homeleigh Garden Centre at Dutson. The Post Code for your Sat Nav PL15 8TP and Please follow the Green Spectator Arrows to the Spectator Parking Area.

Please Do Not try and Access the Venue by any other roads or Tracks as these have to be Kept Clear for use in the Event of an Incident.

Practice usually starts between 9:00 and 9:30 am on both Saturday and Sunday, with the Timed Runs commencing after lunch, usually about 1:00pm, but either could be earlier depending on the number of Entries.

Spectators can see most of the Track but there are areas that are out of bounds for Safety reasons so please obey any signs and Marshall requests as they are for your Safety.

You are welcome to inspect the Vehicles in the Bottom Paddock but please take care to avoid Moving Traffic and do not distract the Driver if they are sat in their car, and again please Obey any instructions given by Marshalls or Officials.

There is a viewing area in front of the House which is reached by using the Spectator Crossing when it is open.

Please bear in mind that the Crossing is closed during Practice Runs and Timed Runs so you may have to wait for the Crossing to open before you can get access back to the Bottom Paddock or back to your Car, it is usually opened every 20-30 minutes at the end of each batch of 20 -30 cars but it can be longer in the event of an incident so please be patient if it appears to be closed for no apparent reason as there may be the need for Emergency Traffic to use the Hill unhindered.

Disabled Spectators.

Disabled Spectators are welcome at the Werrington Hillclimb and We appreciate that it is can be difficult for some people to cope with the hill and the nature of the Venue so we have an area set aside in the Bottom Paddock where You can watch the Start and lower section of the hill from the Comfort of your own Vehicle.

If you follow the Disabled signs to the Top Paddock at Werrington Church we will allow you to follow the Competition cars on their run back down the Bottom Paddock on the production of a valid Disabled Badge.


No Motor Sport Event could run without the help of a dedicated band of Volunteers – The Marshall.

The Marshall comes in many shapes and sizes and backgrounds and from all over the County to help run the Event. Many of them taking the opportunity to camp on site overnight ready to help set up and run the venue on the day.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are Experienced and have under gone Training for their roles. They are they to ensure the Safety of the Event, both of the Competitor and the Public. They have the power to stop the event if they consider it unsafe. So if they ask you to do something then please obey them otherwise the event could be held up waiting for their request to be carried out.

If you are interested in Marshalling at Werrington or any other Motorsport Event then please contact our Chief Marshall email: chiefmarshal@plymouthmotorclub.co.uk


Each Competitor has minimum of 1 Practice Run, and two Timed runs each day.

We aim to give two Practice runs to everyone but in exceptional Circumstances this may be reduced to one.

The results of the runs are published at intervals in the Results Marquee in the Bottom Paddock.

Our Time Keepers, South West Timekeeping, aim to provide a Live Online Results service but this does depend on them obtaining a good 3G mobile phone signal so they can upload the times as they happen. If you would like to try and follow the results as they happen then their Website is: http://www.swtimekeeping.co.uk  and the Webpage http://www.swtimekeepinglive.co.uk

Entries / Programs / Regulations.

The Regulations and Entry Forms For Werrington 2024 should be available during March 2024.
If you would like to be notified when they are Available Please email the Werrington Coordinator.

Werrington Hillclimb 29/30th April Spectator Tickets.