Autotest Update.

The Club have arranged to use the Field at Cadover Bridge for Grass Autotests again this year. 


When possible PMC runs a Club series of Autotest’s.

During each event, several tests are set out, each one different. Each competitor must drive a set route around a number of traffic cones, stopping at certain points and reversing at others. The aim is to go around the cones on the correct route in the shortest possible time. Penalties are picked up for not stopping correctly or hitting cones.

These events provide the driver with the perfect opportunity to develop car understanding and control – they test the skills of the driver.

There are no specific requirements for the cars, a lot of the ones used are standard road cars, however some people choose to specifically modify their cars to better suit this type of event.

There are several different classes for these events, within the club we tend to look at the length of the car, different motor clubs classify cars in different ways.

There is also a class known as the production class, which is for beginners and those that have not yet passed their driving test.

It is possible to compete in the production Autotest event from the age of 14, with a passenger and for the full Autotest from the age of 16.

The tests set for the Production Car Class do not involve Reversing and the Driver must be accompanied by a Passenger.

Autotest’s are not only held at club level, but also at higher levels, which require licences obtained from Motorsport UK. 

To Complete in any Motorsport Event sanctioned under Motorsport UK authority you will need to have a Club Membership and at least an Motorsport UK RS Clubmans License which is available free here:

2018 Results.

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