Werrington Hillclimb 2021

Preparation is starting to go ahead for this Years Werrington Hillclimb which takes place on 1st and 2nd of May 2021

We expecting the Event to run on a Competitor only basis with no Spectators allowed due to Covid 19 Restrictions.
This also means that all paperwork and signing on will be via electronic means before hand.

If you are interested in Entering or Marshalling then please email the Werrington Coordinator: werrington@plymouthmotorclub.co.uk

December Update.

Well who would have thought that we would be approaching the end of the year with so few Motorsports events put on?
While the Government struggled to try and keep things under control the Club went into a bit of hibiation to do our bit.
But things are starting to wake up now and we are looking towards next year.
We are working on a Club Calendar of Events and an End of Year Spotlamp which should be out at Christmas.
Work has been continuing at Werrington with an upgrade to the Paddock Entrance.
One decision that we took earlier in the year was that anyone who was a paid up member before the Spring lock down would have their Club Membership extended to the end of 2021 so hopefully you will get your membership card with the Christmas Spotlamp.

One thing that we are in need of is local Venues where we can run Events especially Autotests, either Grass or Tarmac. If you know of any suitable Venues the please let a Committee member know.
That is about it for now except to wish you all a safe time.

Announcement From Motorsport UK.

Motorsport UK has consulted on the implications for motorsport in England with the Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in respect of the plan to enter a four-week national lockdown on Thursday 5th November.

The governing body confirms that following DCMS guidance it must suspend all non-elite motorsport until 2nd December. Selected elite events officially recognised by the DCMS, which include the British Touring Car Championship, will be permitted to continue.

Motorsport activities in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands are subject to prevailing government guidance in those devolved territories. At this time, motorsport as organised sport continues in Scotland, in accordance with Motorsport UK’s comprehensive restart guidance introduced on 4th July. Motorsport is currently suspended in Northern Ireland and Wales, as mandated by the respective devolved governments.

In respect of permits issued for non-elite events in England between 5th November and 2nd December, Motorsport UK confirms that those permits are now withdrawn. Organisers will need to reapply if they plan to hold the event at a later date.

Motorsport UK will continue to monitor the prevailing advice from the UK Government and that of the devolved nations and ensure the motorsport community is updated.

Motorsport UK would like to thank the entire motorsport community for their resilience and hard work throughout the summer months to keep motorsport running and operating safely. During the coming weeks we will be working hard to ensure that as soon as government guidance allows, motorsport can safely resume once again. Motorsport UK  


After Recent Motor Sport Shut Down due to the Covid Virus, Motor Sport is now starting to Splutter in to life again. Several Local Clubs have been able to run various Socially Distanced events.
The Club are investigating the use of Technology to help run Events with the aim of getting some 12 Car Rallies running soon.
We are involved in Running the Five Clubs Hillclimb at Wiscombe Park at the Beginning of September. The Entry list for the 2 days was filled in 36 Hours!
Unfortunately the Event is Closed to Spectators and Marshalling is limited to pre-registered Persons only to limit the numbers at the Venue.
Hopefully we will be able to restart our Events shortly.

Motorsport UK Extends Suspension of Motorsport Permits to 30th June

Tuesday 24 March 2020

In light of recent developments in the COVID-19 crisis, and following the address to the nation by the Prime Minister on the evening of 23rd March, Motorsport UK has today extended its suspension of all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption for motorsport events until at least 30th June.

This move provides clear guidance to event organisers, venues, competitors, officials and volunteer marshals of the role that Motorsport UK must play in supporting the broader UK public health agenda.

In recent days the feedback from our members and the community was a need for increased clarity to allow them to plan appropriately and, should the need arise, put in place necessary contingency measures.

Motorsport UK Chairman, David Richards explained, “Motorsport UK has a vital role to play with its community in re-inforcing that, at this time of national emergency, we must all stay at home to play our part in protecting the NHS and ultimately saving lives.  Today, the government have required that we effectively lock-down for a period of three weeks, however given that the most vulnerable in our society are required to isolate for three months, it is evident that the most responsible course of action was to propose a longer suspension of our sport.  When we reflect back on this time, it will be a brief, but vital, hiatus from our everyday motorsport life and we must put this in perspective.  This is a time of national unity and we need to come together with the broader public community to do all we can to support this battle and ultimately save lives.”

Motorsport UK will continue to monitor the prevailing advice from the UK Government in respect of the COVID-19 international pandemic and will update the motorsport community accordingly.