Plymouth Motor Club


Elizabeth Barnecutt-Brown

Secretary at

07826 066883    



Chairman at

Vice Chairman

Jay Brown

vice-chairman at


Treasurer at

07867 860984

Competition Secretary

Peter Locke

Compsec at

01752 342741

Werrington Coordinator

Peter Locke

Werrington at

01752 342741

12 Car Coordinator

12car at

Social Secretary

Contact Chairman

Socialsec at

Spotlamp Editor

Robert Selley

Spotlampeditor at


James Ellison

Press & Public Relations

Kevin Moyses

PRO at

Awards Secretary

Malcolm Tuppen

Awardssec at

Membership Secretary

Keith Selley

Membershipsec at

0780079373 (6-9pm only Please)

Chief Marshal and Safety Officer

Jason Brown

Chiefmarshal at

01752 837449

Child safeguarding Officer

Elizabeth Barnecutt-Brown

CPO at


David Sharp


Brian Benson

General Committee

James Ellison

Darren Stevens

Sean Harris Simon Heywood

Committee meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month, if you want something discussed at a committee meeting contact a committee member and they will raise it on your behalf.

Chris Pearce

Christi Terry

Webmaster at




01752 269232

01752 311128

075 333 91272

01752 311128

 07867 860984

07826 066883     

Officers of the Club.

If you want to contact Committee member by Phone Please Do Not Call them after 9 PM in the evening or before 9 AM in the morning.