Plymouth Motor Club

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Club calendar 2017

2017 Comus Cup Dates:

14th April,

12th May,

14th July,

20th August,

8th September

2017 Scatter Dates:

10th February,

10th March,

9th June,

13th October,

10th November.

2017 12 Car Dates:

31st March

21st April

26th May

30th June

28th July

29th September

20th October

24th November

Forthcoming Events:

PMC 2017 Calender V3.docx

Event Entry


12 Car Entry


9th December

Le-Jog Reliability Trial meet at Exeter racecourse at 10:15 am on Saturday.

The event will be finished by 14:30. Contact Peter Locke for more details.