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When possible PMC runs a club series for autotests. There are many events held during the year, mainly on tarmac but also occasionally on grass. Most of the tarmac autotests are held on the first Wednesday evening of the month, starting in May. During each event, several tests are set out, each one different. Each competitor must drive a set route around a number of traffic cones, stopping at certain points and reversing at others. The aim is to go around the cones on the correct route in the shortest possible time. Penalties are picked up for not stopping correctly or hitting cones. These events provide the driver with the perfect opportunity to develop car understanding and control - they test the skills of the driver.

There are no specific requirements for the cars, a lot of the ones used are standard road cars, however some people choose to specifically modify their cars to better suit this type of event. There are several different classes for these events, within the club we tend to look at the length of the car, different motor clubs classify cars in different ways. There is also a class known as the production class, which is for beginners and those that have not yet passed their driving test. It is possible to compete in the production autotest event from the age of 14, with a passenger and for the full autotest from the age of 16. Autotests are not only held at club level, but also at higher levels, which require licences obtained from the MSA.


Truro and District Autosolos

Once again Plymouth Motor Club members are invited to compete at the Truro and District Motor Club events at Cornwall College Camborne , in 2015 they ran over ten events at the venue and 2016 will be no different.

The first event of the year took place on the 17th January , the second planned for the 7th February and many more to follow throughout the year

Any ROAD GOING car can compete , without any major modifications , one of the common failings at scrutineering being security of battery ! and unmarked earth , so you don’t need lots of car preparation

Autosolo is a mix of autotesting in so much that the course is set out using cones , and a mild sprint . More often than not its smooth driving that wins rather than exuberant antics and tyre smoke! The organising team are fortunate that they have two car parks to chose from , and tend to alternate between the two for the various events.

All the details and entry forms are on the Truro and District Motor Club website here

Dates for 2016

28th March

17th April

2nd May

30th May

19th June

17th July

29th August

2nd October

23rd October

20th November

31st December

Its well worth the trip down to Camborne