2nd June

As part of the GDPR we have appointed a Data officer for the Club – Peter Locke.

If you have any concerns about any Data the Club holds on you then you may contact Peter Locke his details are on the contact page.


2nd June

12 Car Championship Table added to Championship page.

This months 12 car on the 29th June is starting from the Burrator Inn, Dousland. All on Map 201.

For latest information see the Event Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/170514580297824/?ti=icl


I am still waiting to hear the start venue of this months Scatter Rally on the 8th.


23rd May.

Just a reminder that this Month’s 12 car takes place on Friday night signing on at the Union Inn, Market Road, Plympton. Marshalls are required and there are a few places available for Entries especially if you are a Navigator.  More details on the Club Facebook page.


10th May.

The Results from this year’s Werrington Hillclimb have been added to the Werrington page.


7th May

I have had to move the Finish of this Fridays Comus Cup Treasure Hunt / Social to a New Venue – The Carpenters Arms, Metherell, PL17 8BJ as the planned and advertised Venue has Shut!!

The new venue is signed from the old planned venue and is in the centre of the Village, but Parking can be a problem.


7th May

Well Done and Thank you to all who made Werrington Hillclimb such a success this year.

There are lots of pictures on the Tyremarks Racing Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/howiefowler1/  


20th April.

Next weeks 12 Car on the 27th is Starting from The Halfway House Inn, Two Watersfoot, Glynn Valley Cornwall. 17:30 hours.

Werrington Entries Close on Monday. They may be a space left if you are lucky.

Please contact the Entry Secretary if you are interested.


14th April.

We are still having problems with the Club email address and we are working on a solution to the problem.

If you need contact a club official and you do not know their email address please send an email to plymouthmotorclub@gmail.com where it will be forwarded on to them.

Thank you for your patience in this matter while we sort things out.


10th April.

Please note we seem to be having problems with the Club Email address.

If you want to email the Membership Secretary please use  keithselly@hotmail.co.uk for the moment.


4th April.

Werrington Hill Climb entries are fill up with only a few spaces left. If you want to enter makes sure that you get your entry in soon so that you are not disappointed.


Web Links added to Diary Dates Page for Wiscombe 5 Clubs and Watergate Bay Hillclimb.

28th March.

New Start Venue for this Months 12 Car on the 30th.

Now Starting from The Oak Inn, South Brent. 19:30hrs.

19th March.

The Werrington Entries are now arriving so I added the link to the Entry page so you can check how your Entry is doing.

15th March.

Another busy day.

The Werrington Entry Page is now up and running after a slight hiccup – The Entry Form for Sunday did not get Updated from last year. Opps. It has now been rectified so Please check that the date on the top of the form is Sunday 6th May 2017 if you are planning on entering on the Sunday only.

There was also a hiccup with the Watergate bay press release that has now been rectified so it will open now.

14th March.

It’s all happening at the moment.

The Werrington Regs are nearly to be Published to so Background work has been going on in preparation for that Hugely anticipated event.

Watergate Bay Hillclimb.

Then I had an email with news of another Exciting First for the Club, The MSA have given approval for a Closed Road Hillclimb at Watergate Bay in Newquay on the 15th and 16th September!

This Event has been a long time in the planning and is the First Closed Road Hillclimb in the Country to be run under new Parliamentary Closed Road Regulations.

The Club are Proud to join with Truro and District Motor Club, and Newquay Auto Club to help get this event off the ground. There is still a lot of work to do to make the event run but we have green light to make it happen. Please read the Press release on the Website for more details.


11th March.

Scatter Results Table updated with Results from the Event on the 9th March.

Downloadable Werrington Poster Added.

10th March.

Committee Announcement about AGM added.

7th March.

There is lots going on at the moment.

1st up this Friday, the 9th, we have the second round of the Scatter Rally Series starting from the Oak Pub in South Brent, 7:30pm.


Then on Saturday we have a Working Party at Werrington Hillclimb to get ready for the Event.


Then next Friday, the 16th, We have the AGM. This is your chance to come and have say as to how the Club is run and what you want the Club to be.

One thing to remember is that the Club is run by Volunteers who are prepared to give up their time so that you can enjoy yourself, How about returning some of that pleasure and help organise Events and join the Committee? We have some posts on the Committee that need filling.


Looking Further Ahead the Regs for Werrington are nearly ready to be published so keep an eye on the Website or Email Peter Locke, the Werrington Coordinator to be put on the Mailing list.


The first 12 Car of the year is starting from the Hunting Lodge on the 30th March.

See the Club Facebook page for more details or the new Pmc 12 Car 2018 group on Facebook.

Well that is about it for this week.


27th February.

The is a Working Party at Werrington Hillclimb on the 10th March in preparation of this year’s event. From about 9:30 till Mid Afternoon.

Contact Peter Locke if you are planning on coming along and enjoying a Barnecutts Pasty curtesy of the Club.

Any Help would be much appreciated.

20th February.

Valentine Results added to Championship Page.

Diary dates page updates with details of the AGM on the 16th March.

Event Entry Form amended to show it is for use on Events other than Hillclimbs and 12 Cars.

A Newsfeed has been added to Werrington Page so that Peter can keep you updated on the Werrington comings and goings.


10th February 2018.

This Year’s Valentine Rally is starting from the Hunting Lodge at Ivybridge.


The Results from the Scatter Rally on the 9th added to the Scatter Page.


5th February 2018.

I have updated the Membership Page of the Website and added an Online Membership form so that you can apply, or renew your membership on line.

Unfortunately you can not pay directly from the Form but you can transfer Payment to the Club Bank Account having filled the form in.

You can also you the form to update your contact details.

Please let me know what you think and how you get on.


25th January 2018. Scatter Rally’s

I have uploaded a set of Regulations for this year’s Scatter Championship to the Scatter Rally page.

There have been a couple of changes this year. 1 is a recommended Maximum area for the Event of 14 x 14 grid Squares to try and keep things closer and to give people more chance of visiting the locations.

The other is a Closing Time for Entries of 9:00pm on the Monday before the Event. If we have not had 3 Entries by then the Event will not Run as it is not Fair on the Organisers to give up 2 evenings before the Event setting it up for only 2 Entries to Turn up. (However Further Entries will be accepted up to the start but only if we have had 3 confirmed Entries by the Monday before so Please get your Entries in Early.)

25th January 2018.

What has been happening since my last update then?

Well We had a successful Awards presentation Evening on the 20th January with over 50 People attending and Enjoying themselves. If you have any pictures that you would like to add to a Gallery the Website then please email me a copy.


We have had a Rally Time Trial Meeting which was well attended and an Organising Committee is starting to take shape under lead of Lucy May Wilson. See the Club Facebook Page for more Details and follow to be kept informed.


Background work has been continuing towards Werrington Hillclimb with a Digger due in shortly to create Hardstanding area in the Barn to help keep things tidy.


Following the success of the Online Awards Presentation Evening Booking Form I have been working on an Online Membership form and an Event Entry From which should be rolled out shortly.


8th January 2018.

The Club Twitter account has been reactivated and a link added to the Bottom of the Welcome Page for those who are interested in following us.


6th January 2018. !!!!!! Dinner & Dance Booking Form. !!!!!!!!

I have received reports that there have been issues with the online booking form for the Dinner and Dance.

If you have tried to book using the form and not been able to then please can you let me know?

I have contacted the people that I have received forms from. If you have not had a reply from me then please let me know and resubmit the form.

If you have been successful then you should now get a copy of your form back by email.

Many Thanks James , PMC Webmaster. Email: webmaster@plymouthmotorclub.co.uk.


2nd January 2017. Rally Time Trial Meeting. 9th January 2018

Following the site visit to Mt Edgcumbe park last year there is a Meeting at the Union Inn Plympton on Tuesday 9th January 7:30 for 8pm to discuss taking the event further.

If you are interested in the event then please come along and offer you support.

Please contact Peter Locke for more details.


2nd January 2017.

Happy New Year.

The Club Calendar dates page has been updated with the events for this year.

And there is a Downloadable A4 Calendar for you to print out.


Don’t forget that the Closing date for buying tickets for the Awards Presentation Evening on the 20th January is Next Monday, 8th January.

Check the Social Page for Details.


Finally, don’t forget your Club Membership was due on the 1st of January.


23rd December.

Also, don’t forget your Club Membership is due on the 1st of January.

A new Membership form has been added to the Membership page.


Also, don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Awards Presentation Evening on the 20th January.


12th December.

Don’t forget to Book your Awards Presentation Evening Tickets for the 20th January 2018.

I have added a new page to the Website with the Championship Tables in

It is currently a work in progress so please let me know what you think.


Also, don’t forget your Club Membership is due on the 1st of January.


4th December

Details of Saturdays Le-Jog added.

We are running a Test at Exeter Race Course this year, Meeting up at 10:15 am.

See diary Dates Page for more Details.

30th November

12 Car Championship Table updated to show Final Positions and Awards.

Congratulations to all who have won a Cup.

28th November

A couple of changes to the site this time.

The results of the Rover Cup have been added to the 12 Car page. (I am waiting for final confirmation of the Championships before putting that table up.)

Diary Dates Page: I have updated the Diary dates to a Google Calendar, this means that Events details can be updated by more than one person and more information added. 😊

Contacts Page. I have tidied up the Contact list into a new format.

Please let me know what you think.

27th November

The Menu for the Awards Presentation Evening Menu has been added to the Social page along with a downloadable and an Online Booking Form.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment on line, but you can pay by bank transfer to the Club Account. You can pay also pay cheque or Cash but DO NOT send Cash by post.

Please let me know what you think about the form as we are looking at the possibility of using other versions of Forms for different events.

14th November

Results of the Final Scatter of the year added to Scatter Page.

Diary Dates updated with Date for Awards Presentation Evening on the 20th January.  

6th November

Details of next 12 Car added. Starting from the Hunting Lodge, Ivybridge on the 24th November. Map 202 required.

Also details of Scatter Rally on the 10th November and a Working Party Werrington on the 2nd December.

30th October  

Details of Rally Time Trial site visit and LE-JOG details added to Diary Dates page.

26th October

Sunday 26th November Rally Time Trial Meeting.

Mt Edgcumbe County Park.

Following a very successful meeting on the 17th October We have arranged a site visit to Mt Edgcumbe Country Park on the 26th November at 14:00 hrs.

If you would like to be kept informed, or for more Information, or Would like to help Organise, then please contact our Club Competition Secretary, Peter Locke.

21st October  

Riley Cup 12 Car Results Added.

21st October

Rally Time Trial Meeting. Union Inn, Plympton.

Following a very successful meeting on the 17th We are looking to move the Event on.

We have a Provisional Date of the 4th November 2018.

Further Planning meetings will take place soon.

If you would like to be kept informed, or for more Information, or Would like to Organise, Contact our Club Competition Secretary, Peter Locke.

19th October  

The 12 car Rally on the 20th, Starts from the Crooked Inn, Trematon, Saltash. 

Signing on form 7:30pm. Marshals always welcome.

15th October  

Diary Dates and Scatter Tables updated.

Don’t Forget the Rally Time Trial Meeting on the 17th at the Union Inn Plympton and the 12 car Rally on the 20th, The Start Venue is TBC but the Route starts in South East Cornwall on Map 201.

5th October  

12 Car Drivers and Navigators Championship Tables updated on the 12 Car, & 12 Car Results Pages. (Apologies to those who were missed out.)

Notice of Meeting:

17th October  

Rally Time Trial Meeting. Union Inn, Plympton, 7:30 for 8pm.

The Club have the opportunity to organise a Rally Time Trial at a Prestigious Venue in South East Cornwall next year. The purpose of the meeting is to start planning for the Event. Contact Peter Locke for more details.

4th October  

12 Car Drivers and Navigators Championship Tables Added to the 12 Car, & 12 Car Results Pages.

16th September  

Comus Cup Table updated with Final Positions after the September Event.

Congratulations to Joan Golightly on Winning the Drivers’ Championship and to Martin Booth on winning the Navigators Championship.

Don’t Forget this month’s 12 car is on the 29th, signing on at the New Rodney & Xin Chinese Restaurant & Pub, 375 New Road, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6HL.

26th August

Diary Dates updates with Details of Septembers 12 Car and Octobers Scatter Rally.

15th August

Diary Dates updates.

Don’t forget the Afternoon Treasure Hunt and BBQ this Sunday the 20th. Check out the Diary Dates page for more information.

Marshalls are required for the 5 Clubs Hillclimb @ Wiscombe Park on the 2/3rd September.

The September Comus Cup Treasure Hunt Starts from the Tamar Bridge Car Park.

8th August

Boconnoc Motor Sport Festival Cancelled On Safety Grounds.

7th August.

Details added for Comus Cup on the 20th. Comus BBQ Details.

Marshalls are required for the Boconnoc Motor Sport Festival starting from Interclub 12 Car this Friday night.

1st August.

On Sunday the 20th August we are holding an Afternoon Comus Cup Treasure Hunt,

Starting from Alan Jefferys Unit 1 Valley Road Plympton, 14:00- 14:30 hrs and finishing for a BBQ in the Cornwood area.

Entry Fee: £11 + BBQ £6 an Adult. See August Magazine for Full Details. 

Diary dates updated.

31st July.

Marshalls are required for the Boconnoc Motor Sports Festival on the weekend 11-13th August to help Marshall on the Interclub 12 car in the Friday night, Set up the venue on the Saturday and compete in the Autotest, and to help run on the venue on the Sunday.

See the Club Website or Facebook page for more details or contact Jay Brown, the Club Chairman. 

Diary dates updated.

19th July.

Comus Cup Treasure Hunt Tables added to Comus Cup page.

10th July.

12 Car Update. A statement from Jay Brown, Chairman:

“It is with the greatest regret that this months’ Vauxhall Cup round of the KM Joinery 12 Car Championship has to be cancelled. The decision has not been made lightly by the club, but due to the fact that the event organiser has not supplied a route (despite the deadline being extended on several occasions) we have no choice but to cancel the event. All paid entries will transfer to the next 12 car as paid and accepted entries for that event. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Jay Brown

Chairman – Plymouth Motor Club.”

7th July.

The Motorsport Carnival at Boconnoc is rapidly approaching on August the 13th.

One part of this is the Saturday night Grass Autotest. Regulations are now downloadable from the Diary Dates Page.

5th July.

Diary Dates page updated.

This Months Comus Cup Treasure Hunt starts from KM Joinery Workshop, Unit 217, Faraday Mill, Plymouth from 7:30pm.

3rd July.

The results of the Hillman 12 Car Navigation Rally have been added to the 12 Car page.


24th June.

This month’s 12 car is starting from the Drakes Drum Café, Grenofen, PL19 9ER,

SX 493 715 (On the A386 just before Tavistock). Signing on from 7:30pm.


The Website for the Boconnoc Motor Sport Festival is up and running with a nearly full entry as I write this. For more details follow the link on the Diary Dates page.


Austin Cup 12 Car Results Table added to 12 Car page – Sorry for the Delay.


10th June.

Congratulations to Joan and Isobel Golightly on their win on The June Scatter Rally.

It must have been one of the Highest Scatter scores ever with a total 1047 Points!

Stewart Freeman and Tess Savage came 2nd with a score of 1020 Points.

Thanks to Kevin Moyes and Christi Terry for setting the Scrabble Themed Event.

The Updated Championship Table is on the Scatter Page.


31st May.

12 Car Championship Table Added to 12 Car Results Page.

The Next 12 Car on the 30th June Requires OS Maps 201 and 190. More Details to follow.

28th May.

Results of Ford Cup 12 Car Added to 12 Car Page.

17th May.

Hi All,

A quick update. As you may have noticed I have been exploring features of websites recently and have been adding updates to the site. Hopefully you will like them, please let me know if you like them or not.

We had the second round of the Comus Cup Treasure Hunt last Friday, sadly not very well supported but those that did come out enjoyed a drive around the Saltash area.

The Clubs Next Event is on the 26th of May, the Ford Cup 12 Car and is starting from The Fishermans Rest, Averton Gifford, signing on from 7pm. (Please park in the Public Car park nearby at the request of the Landlord.)

Entries are currently full but Marshalls are required if you want to help, and don’t forget that if you Marshall on a 12 Car Rally then you get priority Entry in the next one.